Research Experience

Ongoing research

Developing carriers for liver targeting.

Development of novel buccal drug delivery systems.

Novel approaches for transdermal delivery of antidiabetic agents.

Evaluating natural oils as skin permeation enhancers
Polymeric nano carriers for topical skin delivery.

Enhancement of oral bioavailability of drugs by different approaches.

Noninvasive approach for therapeutic drug monitoring.

Dermatokinetics study of topical antifungal agents.

Constant low voltage iontophoresis for transungual drug delivery.

Pharmacokinetic interaction of drug and excipients.

Post-doctoral (2007-2009)

Transungual delivery of antimycotic agents by different techniques.

Design of iontophoretic patch for transdermal drug delivery.

Drug delivery through bone: Utility of iontophoresis.

Dermatokinetics of nano particles using semiconductor nanocrystals.

Topical skin delivery of Gallium using iontophoresis.

Transdermal iontophoretic delivery of Acyclovir.

Development of gel based formulations for the transungual drug delivery.

PhD (2002-2006)

Transdermal permeation enhancement of antihypertensive agents by prodrug approach and iontophoresis.
Liposomes as drug carriers for antiviral agents.
Drug delivery through skin by the application of physical and chemical permeation enhancers.
Optimized formulations of nanoparticles for transdermal drug delivery.
Oral drug delivery for controlled release, rapid dissolving formulations, floating tablets, enteric coated formulations etc.
Solubility enhancement techniques for poorly soluble drugs.
Simultaneous estimation of drugs in multiple drug formulations.

Masters (1996-1998)

Novel pharmaceutical excipients for oral drug delivery.